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Mr. Daniel Cheung selected as one of

  The Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2005
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i`ʴѻPhUjؿv]pءAqjǡBMWǩBǮաBժ]BKoiBWBӷ~ؿvHܦvصAѻPؿv]pإ]AnjǤ٪sժ ( ؿvvǷ| 1996 ~u ) BMWǰ| ( ꩤΦEsժ ) BΤEsؤѰ|Xؤu{C~i`ʭPOVξǮժssؿvAôtdwhӦpA]AuǮճ]IWnu@{v Bu߮նvBuЩe|i]u@{vBuߤ媫ؿvv(2004~פ媫 (Ш|αs)) BuߪϡvBuFϮtoiϤu@{vuߪϤ媫vAHάؿvvǷ|wuإXhv(1999)BuإXӥӡv(2000)uإӡv(2001-02) C
Mr. Daniel Cheung, Principal of CARE, is awarded as one of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2005. The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection is organized by the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (formerly Hong Kong Junior Chamber), to give formal recognition to the young people who excel in professional endeavours and commitment to the community; to promote prominent roles played by the aspiring young people in shaping a better future for society; and to provide an incentive to all the promising young people who seek further advancement in personal achievement as well as public services.
Mr. Cheung has been involved in a large variety of architectural developments including universities, tertiary institutions, schools, museums, railway project, master planning, commercial developments and residential developments. Projects involved by Cheung include Lingnan University New Campus Development (Certificate of Merit, HKIA Aannual Awards 1996), The Hong Kong Community College Hung Hom Campus and West Kowloon Campus, Extension for Wah Yan College , Hong Kong and Kowloon , etc. In recent years, he has been involved in the organization of various community programmes to promote architecture to the general public, especially the school communities. Projects organized by Cheung under CARE include: School Facilities Programming Guide Workshop, Caring for Our School Environment, Workshops for Exhibition Centre at Housing Authority, Caring for Our Heritage (winning entry of Hong Kong Heritage Awards 2005), Caring for Our Community, Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District and Transforming Our Community Heritage, and projects organized by Mr. Cheung for HKIA include: Architecture of Care (1999), Architecture of Learning (2000), and Learn to Care, Care to Learn (2001-2002).
Many of the above projects have subsequently been documented and published. Mr. Cheung has also been involved in research studies for the elders, sustainable development, educational architecture and community participatory research. He also delivers speeches and lectures regularly at various tertiary institutions and for various community organizations on the above topics.


Enviro Series Conference

  Urban Regeneration - A Key to Hong Kong's Sustainable Future

21 September 2005

  Policies and Priniciples of Heritage Conservation and Urban Regeneration
  Prof. Bernard Lim


ߪ pi| 2005
  Caring for Our Community Exhibition 2005
The Opening Ceremony of Caring for Our Community Exhibition 2005 was held on 3 July. Creative community designs by participants are exhibited at Central Plaza , Wanchai until 10th July. Please come and share the hard work.




u@Ҥ 2005 v


World Environment Day 2005

  No Freezing Classroom V Improving School Energy Efficiency Design
  ɶ: 10:00am-12:00pm

aI: 䤤j HM 3 aK

  The Briefing Session is rescheduled to 02/07/2005 (Sat)
  Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
  Venue: Li Koon Chun Hall, 3/F, Sino Building , Chinese University of Hong Kong , Shatin
  ԱаѾ\ŶǮ Please refer to Poster for details
  W^ Reply slip


uFϮصoiϤu@{v- 1

Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District- 1

ѪFϰij|uȫس]εoie|ҤU`FϮصoiu@pեDBuǫؿv]psߦXBjǫؿvtҺӤhҵ{ FϮصoiϤu@{ (@) Gss|~QGT߶Q|COϤu@{AܱohM~NBM~HhBaϤHhѻPA]A ЫΤγWaF BWpB@غe| p˰Qpթe|DudöؿvvAHΦhdzNNBFϰijBaϩ~NXuANFϮتoiMإӪoiV@XQפΫijC (Gss|~QGC)

The First Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District, organized by the Concern Group on Waterfront Development in Eastern District, Works and Development Committee, co-organized by the Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, Environment & Excellence Ltd. (CARE) and collaborated by Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Hong Kong, was held on 03/12/2004. Guests f rom Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau; Planning Department and Mr. Vincent Ng from Harbour-front Enhancement Committee, together with the representatives of Eastern District Council, academic organizations and local residents were involved. The participants were divided in groups to express their views for future direction of the Waterfront Development in the Eastern District. ( 07 December 2004 )

PowerPoint Presentation





Hong Kong Housing Authority Exhibition Centre Workshops


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uFϮصoiϤu@{v- O̥lݷ|
Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District- Press Conference
Fϰij|uȫس]εoie|ҤU`FϮصoiu@pդuFϮصoiϤu@{O̩۫ݷ|vGss|~Q@ܤWȤQ@ɤTQA󭻴WeӦw 29FϪk|j11ӪFϰij||ijǶQ|ANuFϮصoiϤu@{vԱ@XСC
OO̩۫ݷ|AܱoFϰij|uȫس]εoie|Du ӰijA `FϮصoiu@pեDuBFijA Fϰij| DuB] BBSӥԤhA uǫؿv]ps (CARE) q` Lpб¤ ` i꾱ؿvv@СCt~Aܱoh Fϰij| ijXuC (Gss|~Q@GQ)
The Press Conference for the Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District, organized by the Concern Group on Waterfront Development in Eastern District, Works and Development Committee and co-organized by the Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, Environment & Excellence Ltd. (CARE), has been held at the Eastern District Council Conference Room on the 11th floor of the Eastern District Office at 11:30am of 25 November 2004. ( 25 November 2004 )


Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District
ѪFϰij|uȫس]εoie|ҤU`FϮصoiu@pեD B uǫؿv]psߦX쪺uFϮصoiϤu@{vNGss|~QGTΤGss~@뤭|CتOzLuǫؿv]psߪM~䴩ΨLM~ /dzN骺UAѤ@ӥxѻPFϮصoiQשMijإӪoiVC (Gss|~Q@GQG)
The Community Workshops for Waterfront Development at Eastern District, organized by the Concern Group on Waterfront Development in Eastern District, Works and Development Committeeand co-organized by the Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, Environment & Excellence Ltd. (CARE), will be held on 03/12/2004 and 05/01/2005 . The workshops aim at providing a platform for the public to express their views with regards to the future direction of the Waterfront Development in the Eastern District. ( 22 November 2004 )


Lpб¥Hαi꾱` ` ܥXuѹBpB_d|BB骫yǷ|BHέ¾~vǷ|Gss|~Q@QG (P) pX|줧uLêBQ|v AåHuqLêҼ{FPqγ]pvDotAHɺZFWHPiHPH橹uҪgαM~ѡC (Gss|~Q@Q)


Prof. Bernard V. Lim and Principal Daniel Cheung were invited as the Speakers on the topic of "From Barrier Free Access to Universal Design: toward the inclusion of all ages and human diversity" at the Transport for All Seminar co-organized by the Transport Department, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Occupation Therapy Association on Friday, 12 November 2004. The presentation makes an overview of the current accessibility code as the starting point for developing and adopting universal design in shaping human interactions with the environment. ( 16 November 2004 )

Q|ij׳ Conference Powerpoint Presentation


Joint Conference on Heritage Conservation: Opportunities and Challenges


LpбܥDѭؿvvǷ|Au{vǷ| qvǷ|XAGss|~QGQT (P)|椧|ijAH媫O|:"Heritage Conservation: Opportunities and Challenges" @MDQסC|ijتOqPdå : ؿvB|Bg٨רӱQO|DA]AJA D ΨNqC (Gss|~QGQT)

Prof. Bernard V. Lim was invited as a Moderator in the joint conference on the topic of Heritage Conservation: Opportunities and Challenges jointly organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers V Building Division & Structural Division (HKIE) and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) on 23 October2004. This conference aims to initiate discussions over the building, social and economical aspects of conservation of our built environment and explained its implication on the building profession. ( 23 October2004)



Gss|~QTQWpEsWwּsG|uҼwW˰QĤ@qѻP : zQҼwӪoi V ׾ (3) vALpб©׾¤WoNADuҼwW - ijuq]]pIvAإDBѦͥouߪϭp V EsϺ@~vC


The Planning Department organized Kai Tak Planning Review Stage 1 Public Participation: Community's vision for Kai Tak V Public Forum (3) on 30 October 2004 at Telford Plaza II, Kowloon Bay . Prof. Bernard Lim gave a presentation on Planning of Kai Tak V Proposed Major Considerations for Excellent Urban Design, and Mr Peter Lau also gave a presentation on Caring for Our Community Project V Selected Works from Kowloon City.





Prof. Bernard Lim presented a paper titled Participatory Approach: Students as the Leaders in the 2004 Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management Regional Conference V Educational Leadership in Pluralistic Societies on 22 October 2004. The conference was organized by The Centre for Educational Leadership, The University of Hong Kong, and School of Education Science , East China Normal University , Shanghai , China . ( 1 November 2004 )

  Q|ijפ Conference Paper
Q|ij׳ Conference Powerpoint Presentation


uߪϡvp ji| §

Caring for Our Community Traveling Exhibition

Closing Ceremony
uߪϡvpji|2004gwA§QK鰲sԤ| Aܱohߪk|ijΤ٪B԰ijXuA]AHijB۪ijBij,MHBijBijζmij,MHAPUu ߪϤjϡvɤΥyϳ]p߱oAç@Xyι{oѡCɩe奿ժN߭Pe~UXuijC
"Caring for Our Community" Traveling Exhibition 2004 was successfully completed with the Closing Ceremony at Sun Yuen Long Centre on 8 October. Legislative Councilor Hon LEE Cheuk-yan and District Councilors from Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, inlcuding Miss LI Kwai-fong, Ms CHEUNG Yuet-lan, MH, Ms CHAN Mei-lin, Mr WONG Wai-yin, Zachary and Ms FUNG Choi-yuk, MH, attended the ceremony and provided valuable comments to our Ambassadors their work on community designs. Steering Committee member Principal Fung Man Ching presented souvenirs to the Councilors on behalf of CARE.


Lpб©925餧qxĤ@xiaѡj`ؽͭzu«ؿvpХXsֳ vAHUӺW`حŤsG


Prof. Bernard Lim shared his views on recent heritage conservation issues on Saturday 25 September RTHK Channel 1-"Hong Kong Letter a ", which may be listened on RTHK as following link:



i|}§w Gss|~EQE| A ܱohŻXuD§ A]AƷV~q`gz Qlp͡B zKpij|e aժBSǮij|ƥDu ڮժBFǮժ|N xiժB ayͧUz`F BW͡B|Ap|Aȵoi`D (axΪ) cWs͡B_d|ƦF` LpjB ؿvvǷ|Ʒ| إͳդhΥi͡AD`x C

The Opening Ceremony was held on 19 September 2004, special guests were invited to officiate the ceremony, including Mr. Michael Lee (Managing Director for Hysan Development Company Ltd.), Principal Fung Ka-Ching (Committee member of Subsidized Primary Schools Council), Principal Louise Kwan Wai-Fong (Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Special Schools Council), Principal Hung Chun-May (Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools), Mr. Edwin Lau (Assistant Director of Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong)), Mr. Jackey C.K. Lo (Chief Officer of Service Development (Family & Community) of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service), Ms. Candice Lam (Deputy Executive Director of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation), Dr. Wah-Sang Wong (Vice-president of Hong Kong Institute of Architects) and Mr. C.M. Ng.


uǫؿv]ps (CARE) q`ʪLpб±|Ap|mn 2004 ~ 8 uZX A׭z@ؿvv|hgA]Aؿvvp`jM̪~ҡBpɧOؿvШ|ΦpWjѻPMz׵C (Gss|~ E QT )

Prof . Bernard V. Lim, Honorary Principal of CARE, was interviewed by SCENARIO (issue of 8/2004), a publication from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. He shared as an architect his experience in caring for the social environment through architectural practice, his research in living environment for the elderly, the importance of inter disciplinary architectural education and participation in design process.
( 13 September 2004 )



߱NQ|ΤQ뤭|uߪϡv uߪϤ媫vp²|AQ뤭骺²|PԷ]ioiMDyAyѭؿvvǷ|jݤΤ媫O|e|Du꿳ؿvvΪKƥDupڳWvDŻADDOu䪺媫O| X WJ媫`ʡvΡuϤ媫ioivAƱyOUѻP̥[`Ϥ媫ioi򥻷C (Gss|~ E QT )

[ ԱγWkЫs]



Briefing sessions for our coming project Transforming Our Community Heritage will be held at 4 September 2004 and 5 September 2004 . A seminar on topics Conservation of Heritage Site in Hong Kong and Sustainable Development of Community Heritage, given by Mr. Kenneth Tam, Architect from ASD, and Ms. Betty Ho, Vice-chairman from the Conservancy Association, will also be held together with the briefing session at 5 September 2004. The Seminar aims at giving participant a fundamental concept of Sustainable Development in Community Heritage. ( 13 September 2004 )

[click here for details and application]


uǫؿv]ps (CARE) `ʱi꾱ؿvvGss|~CQKܥXuѪK|A󫰥j|椧uO@媫jݡAHHoqvťҷ|@DŻCťҷ|Wi`ʦPɵouǫؿv]ps (CARE) 媫O|n C (Gss|~CGQK)


Mr. Daniel Cheung, Executive Principal of CARE, was invited as a speaker at the "Heritage Conservation - we all gain" Citizen Hearing held at the City University organized by The Conservancy Association on 18 July 2004 . At the occasion, Cheung delivered CARE's position paper on heritage conservation. (28 July 2004)

ioie|ƥDuGդhNe|ouܦ^vP祻ߡCoԸߤNTӥioiijDԸߤA]AuTo޲zvBuiAͯ෽vMuͬŶvCܴNioiijD@sΰѻPC (Gss|~CGQT)

ioie| [@] [G]



Letter from Dr. Edgar Chan, Vice-Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development, to CARE on launching of the "Invitation and Response" document, which aims at seeking the public's views on issues related to sustainable development in three areas - Solid Waste Management, Renewable Energy and Urban Living Space. CARE is invited to spread the message of sustainability and promote the engagement activities. (23 July 2004)

Letters from Council for Sustainable Development [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


LpбܥXuѥioie|έioiij|XGss|~CQC(P)|椧׾¡AuͬŶv@MDQסCѴvqXDuioie|CQouioi V ڭ̪ӧ@Xܡvܦ^Aby|HhѻPqӵoiA䦨@ӥioiC^󨣩:

http://www.susdev.org.hk (Gss|~CQE)

Prof. Bernard V. Lim was invited as a Panel Speaker on the topic of "Urban Living Space" at the Strategy Forum organized by the Council for Sustainable Development and Hong Kong People's Council for Sustainable Development on Saturday, 17 July 2004; the Forum was the first forum organized after the launching of the Invitation and Response Document: "Sustainable Development - Making Choices for Our Future" on 15 July by the Council, chaired by Hon. Donald Tsang, engaging the community in the process of formulating key policy issues about the shape of our sustainable future. The document is available on website:

http://www.susdev.org.hk . (19 July 2004)



q`ʪLpб©Gss|~QK (ɶWȤQ@ɤGQ) ANؿvvǷ|uCNBC ȬwWDv Asia Market Watch `ؤXݡA׭z媫ؿvO|DC (Gss|~GQ@)


Hon. Principal Prof. Bernard V. Lim was interviewed on 18 June, 2004 by CNBC Asia - "Asia Market Watch" programme ( 11:20am HK time), to discuss issues of built heritage conservation in Hong Kong on behalf of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. (21 June 2004)


uǫؿv]psߩGss|~oioiXڡAUߪuߪϤ媫vpCpتOǮժsαM~HhۦX@εoзNAzLʩM˨窺Dz߹L{AiߤRM]pAǥ;DzߨϤ媫ؿvioinʡA媫ؿv`JsAƱ榳UFwFMϵoiCԱsuߪϤ媫vp²C (Gss|~GQ@)


The Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, Environment and Excellence Ltd. (CARE) was awarded the Sustainable Development Fund in May 2004, for our two-year educational project Transforming Our Community Heritage. The Project aims to provide an opportunity for integrated participation between school communities and professionals to develop creative design proposals for transforming our community heritage to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual district and the community at large. Through an interactive, participatory process, students' research and ideas will provide stimulating, spontaneous and original contributions to the District Councils, Government and the community. Please refer to our webpage's Transforming Our Community Heritage section for details. (21 June 2004)